My wrong choice

Jane is my name, I feel tired to return home from work, every morning and night time my parents will keeps saying to me when are you going to marry you have come to an historic period. “It’s time for you to get married look all your friends are settled down now they have two kids or three small fries, what about you? Go find a man and marry soon before you become old and no man will take you” her Mom yelled at her while they having her dinner. “I tried Ma! But you know my boyfriend dump me, and my heart still said that I need to wait, I know Kevin will come back to me after he grows tired of his new girlfriend” Jane walks away as she doesn’t want to listen to her Ma. ” Forget her! Let her be, when she finds a good man she will marry” her papa said to his old wife
Times moves on and I was now 36years old and I am still single I gets transfer in the “Lime Green International School”. I has to stay in the city away from my home, but I still get a call from my Ma, my Ma calls me every night and she reminds me to look for a man or if I fed up with a man I should look for a woman and marry her, and I should not  wait for my old lover. ” Ma!! How can you say such thing like that! I am not a lesbian Ma! I simply need my friend Lily when I am sad, you don’t understand my feelings, you look down and mock me”
On my first day in the fresh place, I met all colleagues there are nice to me. I was thankful to them and I forgets My nagging mother.πŸ™„πŸ˜ΆπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜₯πŸ˜‘πŸ˜

Jane goes into the classroom and teach Science. “Our new teacher is the most beautiful woman, I have ever seen in my 15 years of my life” one if the student said this to his friends. Everyone agrees that Teacher Jane is real pretty and tall she is like a beautiful model. She had a curve and a slender body, her hair is a silky black too. She has been teaching now here for 3months and one of her colleagues have feeling for her and he invariably tries to get close and know her better, she too knows from his eyes that he likes her. So one day he asks her to be his girlfriend, she doesn’t like him, he is not handsome he wears glasses and he has fair skin and small eyes, his lip is naturally pink, but he had crooked teeth, his body is not manly, she finds him having feminine body, he is very nice to her. Her ex boyfriend also has pale skin, pinkish lips with almond shape eyes. But he is a big body, he doesn’t look like a feminine. He goes to the gym and exercise hard on it to have a perfect body. Her ex boyfriend looks like a pop celebrity.

She doesn’t want to be his girlfriend, but her Ma like Kevin a lot and she force her to turn his girlfriend before its too late. Her ma, don’t want her daughter to be single forever. She obeys her Ma, and she is willing to be Kevin girlfriend.
Kevin really care for her and her family, they resolved to get married soon. Everything is set up, but before the wedding day her old boyfriend returns back and she still has strong feelings for him, she decided to meet him, on the morning of her day of her wedding. She races to him and hug and kiss him her tears falls down from her cheek. Kevin secretly followed her his heart break to see his sweetie was in someone’s embrace. He doesn’t t want to hurt her as he recognizes that she don’t love him. She feels like there is someone watching her from afar she turns around and see Kevin, he still looks at her with a heavy heart and comes towards her, “I am moving back to my country alone, I just realized that you and I are not compatible, we have different cultures and you don’t want to live with me. I had mailed my resignation from the job. You don’t have to worry about me anymore. I am happy for you that you find the love of your life” he walks out.
After one year afterwards, Jane was alone again as her boyfriend marry the rich lady in town. Jane regrets that she runs away from Kevin, who is very kind and he genuinely loves her. She prays that if she ever reborn again in her next life she will fall in love with Kevin, and she will pursue him and love him for the rest of her lifetime.

The End